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10 Reasons Why You Should Have Vending machines For Your Workplace

Do you need vending machines for your workplace? Definitely, and here’s 10 reasons why.

  1. Healthier Snacking Options – Healthy snacks like the ones you find in Delectable Vending  vending machines encourage healthier lifestyles. Your staff can choose from several tasty and healthy options!
  2. Easy to Maintain – Unlike traditional snacking methods, you don’t have to have staff on hand to run your vending machines. Delectable Vending staff will monitor their  vending machines and refill them when they notice that they’re getting low, and your staff will have instant access to snacks.
  3. Increased Satisfaction – Giving your staff instant access to healthy and filling snacks and drinks can help to increase their overall satisfaction. They can grab something, head back to their desks and continue their projects. Offering low-cost food, drink and snack choices let your employees know that you care about them.
  4. No Additional Overhead Costs – Our vending machines don’t require any additional overhead costs to run them and keep them full.
  5. Increase Your Staff’s Productivity – That midday slump can put a damper on your staff’s overall productivity levels. Eating a protein packed healthy snack option or drinking a energy beverage can give your staff a boost of energy that they can use to power them through to the end of the working day.
  6. Space Saving – No matter which vending machine style you choose from Quality Vend, they’re designed to save space. You won’t have to worry about renting out an area to prepare and serve food, and our vending machines pack a lot of options for the small amount of space that they take up.
  7. Encourage Customers to Stay – If your customers don’t have any food, snack or drink options available while they’re browsing your shop or business, they’re more inclined to leave. By offering a our vending machine and a variety of options, you’re giving them everything they need to stay around longer.
  8. Easy Additional Way to Earn Money –  Delectable Vending’s vending machines earn money. Whether this is from your staff or your customers, each time they buy something, they’re putting money into the machine. This can help cover any operational costs, and you may even have enough to put toward an employee party or event.
  9. Encourage Your Employees to Eat on Site – If your employees go off-site to eat or snack during their breaks, it can negatively impact their productivity because it takes them a while to settle once they get back. Having a vending machine available encourages them to make selections from there and stay on site for their breaks.
  10. Offer Flexibility – Delectable Vending’s machines gives you staff flexibility. If they forget their lunch or snacks, they can use the vending machine. 

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If you want to add a healthy vending machine to your business or workplace, contact us. We’re ready and willing to discuss your options and tailor a vending machine to suit your needs. Whether you need a drink, snack, food or a combination, we can help.

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